Hari wayLines

Road Delineators

Built from high-performance plastic and type XI sheeting to manufacture outstanding goods that offer years of visibility and durability.



Supplying and installation of delineators (road way indicators, hazard markers and object markers), 80-100cm high above ground level, painted at alternatively black and white in 15 cm strips, fitted with 80 x 100 mm rectangular or 75 mm dia circular reflectorized panels at the top, buried or pressed into the ground and conforming to IRC-79 etc., complete (as per MORT&H specification No. 806)


Providing and fixing of reflective road studs ‘Category A’ Raised Pavement Markers made out of polycarbonate/methyl methacrylate/ ABS moulded body conforming to ASTM D 788 and reflective panels with micro prismatic lens capable of providing total internal reflection of the light entering the lens face with retro reflectance and chromaticity values conforming to ASTM D4280.